Grupo Butransa

Sector E, Carrer L, Nr. 2
Pol. Ind. Zona Franca
08040 Barcelona

Tel.: +34 93 223 77 90
Fax.: +34 93 223 77 94


We divide our services in Merchandise Ground Transportation into three different departments:

Container transportation

Butransa: Container transportation

We count with a modern fleet of vehicles constantly updated providing them the most recent technologies so as to have a maximum control over them and their merchandise.


Butransa: Importation/Exportation

This department is in charge of sending the merchandise anywhere around the world, managing the transportation process and also advising the clients, what steps they have to follow and what legal and administrative requirements they have to meet.

Full loads

Butransa: Full loads

We provide this department with the most recent management systems of loads to obtain effectiveness at controlling loads and, by doing this, to tight costs.