Grupo Butransa

Sector E, Carrer L, Nr. 2
Pol. Ind. Zona Franca
08040 Barcelona

Tel.: +34 93 223 77 90
Fax.: +34 93 223 77 94

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Butransa Butransa Butransa

Butransa ,company of transportbranch of goods . Specialized in :

  • Container road transport throughout the Schengearea .
    • Capable of performing more than 66,250 annual transport services representing 100,000 teu 's annual move
  • Logistics Management International Goods Transport both import and export
    • With ability to reach every country in the world.
  • Conventional fillers Transport, storage and distribution throughout the country. Conventional loads
    • Withabilitytoreachnationwide


Our Global Solution Logistics management for the transport of goods in containers, international transport, import and export, customs formalities, warehousing and distribution because we are:

  • The Economic solution to Transport.
  • The Quality solution to Transport.
  • The Quicker solution to transport.


Strategically located 5 minutes from Port of Barcelona and 5 minutes from Barcelona International Airport.Strategic location for ship containers.

We have a warehouse of 5.000 m2

Throughourwebsite, BUTRANSA GROUP team we welcome you to the world of transportation of goods.

Our Services:


FlechaRoad Containers transport

Specialized in all kinds of Containers transport. Our team with high qualification and experience in the sector has the latest technology for the management of transport.

Importacion / Exportacion


We offer both services import & export around the world. Ship and manage the paperwork needed to respond the needs of our customers. Thru our website we update the status of their shipments.
We are well known of all kinds of Customs Rules, and advise them the necessary paperwork for customs formalities and transport costs.

Cargas Completas

FlechaNational Freight

We ship loads very quickly and reliably. All at very competitive prices thanks to the professionalism of our staff.